Wealthy Affiliate Review – An Inside Look From My Perspective

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Price: $0 to start learning, $49 a month for Premium or $359 yearly. The first month is $19.
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Who is it for: Newbie to expert
Rating: star-4star-4star-4star-4star-2(4.5 out of 5)                            Overall Ranking: 98 out of 100


Here in my Wealthy Affiliate Review, you will find an honest inside look at the best learning platform for people serious about creating a profitable Internet Marketing business online.

I have been through quite a few of the “Get Rich Quick” scams out there, just trying to make a quick buck from all of us eager to make a living online. They take your hard earned money and leave you hanging out to dry.  

Well at the Wealthy Affiliate University

I have found the best and most straightforward approach to learning how to create a profitable online business without all the scams.

There is a massive community of members, from newbies to well-seasoned experts, just waiting to help you every step of the way.

They are there 24/7/365 to give you advice and the tools you need to make your business successful without trying to sell you something.

Let me give you a few of the Pros and Cons before you consider joining Wealthy Affiliate.


• Step by step training using videos, tutorials and classroom courses
• 100,000’s of members from novice to expert all willing to help you succeed
• Over 13 different interactive classrooms to learn everything about Internet Marketing
• 24/7 Live and Interactive help when you need it (even at 3 in the morning!)
• 2 free websites for starters (25 in Premium)
• State of the Art Secure Hosting (even in the Starter Membership)
• A very Strict Spam-Free environment for learning (not another Facebook)
• Totally FREE to get started and learn with no strings attached                                                            


You do not have to put in any credit card information to join WA. Once you see all the help you will get from the community in your first 7 days, I’m sure you will want to Go Premium to continue to get all the benefits the online community has to offer.

Not to mention getting access to the full training modules to help you get the most of your learning experience.


• Too much information (may be overwhelming at first)
• Only three courses in the starter membership (basic foundation to build your business)
• Community support is only for the first 7 days (but still totally FREE to continue learning)

There isn’t much I can say bad about this opportunity. If you follow the techniques, and the step by step instructions, you will succeed.

Who is this program for

If you have come to this page, you must be looking for A Better Way to Learn how to makePulling My Hair Out an honest living online without being scammed. Anyone who has aspirations of becoming an online entrepreneur should read all about it here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Even if you only join for the FREE training you can get without all the tricks and deception that is out there on the web. There is NO other program or University on the web that offers you this much training and the opportunity to learn for

No Cost or Obligation to You

You get two FREE websites and hosting, and over 500 training modules and tutorials just in the Starter Membership alone. Oh, did I mention that it is FREE to join?

You get Much more information and training once you Go Premium. Not to mention the Live support you will get from the community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The community members are from all over the world, looking to learn and willing to help.

I'm StuckWealthy Affiliate is for anybody who is seriously wanting a Scam-Free way to get started creating an online business.

The platform caters to all levels of Internet Marketers, from a newbie to someone that is already running a successful business and wants to scale it up to a whole new level of success.

Regardless of your background experience or technical knowledge, you will learn everything you need to know using the simplified methods taught here.

If you get stuck, the community is always there to help. They will help with either training videos, or written tutorials, or just good Honest Live Advice from their own experiences.

Spamming in the community is Strictly Forbidden. That means all those vultures out there just looking for you to give them your hard-earned money, can’t get to you.

You CANNOT post a sale page or affiliate link in WA. You will lose your privileges if you try. That makes for a more peaceful and stress-free environment in which to learn and broaden your skills.

This program is for newbies, struggling entrepreneurs, and experienced Internet Marketers who are looking for more education to help them be more successful in their own online endeavors.

Training Overview

The training is all-inclusive, well organized, and always current within Wealthy Affiliate. There is training for all levels of experience, including advanced training for even the most seasoned veterans in internet marketing.

 There are different forms of training:

• Live Weekly Webinar Training Sessions
• Organized Classroom Modules (on a variety of topics)
• Live Interactive Discussions on any Topic
• Video and Tutorial Training
• Each Course is Task-Based to Sharpen Your Skills

If it seems like a lot of information, you’re right! There are over a thousand intense training sessions within Wealthy Affiliate to help get you on your way to success.

ToolsEasy to Build Websites

• Keyword Research Tool
• WordPress Express Website Builder
• 500 Low Competition Keyword Lists Monthly
• State of the Art Fast Secure Hosting
• Over 1400 website themes to choose from
• The Ability to Add Over 30,000 Features to Your Site
• SiteContent Blog Creating Tool

No more looking for the right tool for the job. Everything you need to create and run a successful online business is here within Wealthy Affiliate. All you need to have is the determination and passion for you to succeed.


Wealthy Affiliate is more of a service and a helpful community than it is a product that you buy to figure out for yourself.Wonderful Community

How many times have you gone to Google to find help with a problem you were having, only to find more people trying to SCAM you out of your hard-earned money.

No such thing here. There is always someone to answer your questions and give advice anytime, day or night, without trying to sell you something. Spamming is NOT allowed in the community.

Kyle & Carson

You will also see the co-founders Kyle and Carson in the community daily helping people with their issues, or just offering one on one help to members when they need it.

How many programs have you tried that offered that kind of support? None that I have seen, and I have gone through the ringer with all the ones I’ve tried.

Cost of Membership

$0 Starter Membership. This includes two free websites, a full hosting platform for your websites, and over 500 training modules and tutorials for you to learn how to create a successful online business. There are three step-by-step courses on building the foundation for your websites. No obligation to upgrade ever, but after you see the amount of training and support you will get by Going Premium, I’m sure you will want the extra benefits.


$49.00 a month for Premium Status or $359 a year. This includes hosting for up to 25 free websites, unlimited 24/7/365 support from the community, and up to 25 websites you can create for your own domain names with hosting. Plus, you get access to the never-ending updated training and weekly LIVE WA Webinars.

I want to reiterate the fact that you never have to Go Premium if you don’t want to, or your present situation doesn’t warrant you doing so. You can stay a FREE member as long as you like to continue learning and building your two FREE websites with WA’s Full Hosting platform.

The only things that you will not have access to will be the support of the community, and the fact that you can’t use your own domain names. (which you will want to do eventually). The training for the basic foundation of your websites will still be there for you to succeed.

The MAIN drawback is that you will just have to find answers to your questions elsewhere. The training will cover most of them, but you will have to do your own research for the rest of the problems you will run in to.

You will have to keep up with the latest Internet trends for yourself. WA is always updated with the latest and greatest, and ever-changing rules and regulations of the business.

You can Click Here to see a full comparison of benefits between staying a Starter Member or starting your journey as a Premium Member.

You will see all the major advantages to going Premium over remaining a Starter member, making the monthly membership in this all-inclusive Learning Center well worth the investment.

Final Thoughts and Special Bonuses

So this concludes my review of Wealthy Affiliate. I find it the most helpful and affordable all-inclusive training platform anywhere on the market today. I am a current member and have been using the University to further my online career.

The monthly payment is but a small tuition of sorts to pay for the massive amount of updated quality training and information that you have access to 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

If you have been struggling, trying to get an online business up and running, or you just need more training to escalate your already successful business, then you owe it to yourself to see how amazing this program really is for yourself.

The best part is you can start for FREE. You won’t be confronted by anyone trying to sell you something. Just good honest training.

Claiming Your Bonuses

Upon joining the $0 Starter Membership, you should Press the BIG GREEN BUTTON on the LEFT side of your Activity Page and Get Started right away building your website. You will experience the quick responses to your questions and helpful guidance along the way.

Bonus #1: If within the First 7 Days you decide to keep in touch with this massive community and continue getting LIVE help 24/7/365, you will get a 61% discount off your FIRST month’s membership. You will pay only $19 to remain in Full Premium Status. Then only $49 a month going forward to continue your training for building your business.

Cheaper than any University Tuition I know of. Plus, you get the State-of-the-Art Website Hosting and the Support of over a million member community to help you along the way.

Bonus #2: Immediate Access to Kyle’s Diamond Traffic Program. Truly everything you need to know about driving Traffic to your websites step-by-step. Without Traffic, it would be like building a fast food joint in the desert. No customers. No Money.

So ONLY if you are truly serious about starting and building a successful business online, Wealthy Affiliate is the right place to start learning. This is NOT a “GET RICH QUICK” scheme, nor is it a J.O.B. This is an Honest Learning platform that WILL help you to be successful with your passion if you treat the opportunity like a business.

So if you are looking for a quick buck, you might as well keep looking. You will be wasting your time.

Join Wealthy Affiliate

Thank you for reading my review on Wealthy Affiliate.

Good Luck and I hope to see you on the inside. 🙂

Verdict: Totally Legitimate

Cost: $0 to start learning, $49 a month for Premium or $359 yearly. Your first month is $19.
Owners: Kyle and Carson 
Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Who is it for: newbie to expert 
Rating: star-4star-4star-4star-4star-2 (4.5 out of 5)                                                            Overall Ranking: 98 out of 100

Testimonial from WA members: Read Reviews

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15 Responses to Wealthy Affiliate Review – An Inside Look From My Perspective

  1. Mark says:

    Good page, leads to this review page and then onto WA sign up page. NO BRIDGING is great set up page.

  2. Gary says:


    Your review of WA is outstanding!
    You offer one of the smoothest, most straightforward, honest and balanced looks at what I have found to be the best place to Safely Earn Online anywhere.

    You cover every aspect in a thorough and professional fashion, great job my best,


    • Thank you Gary. I appreciate the kind comments. That’s what I am all about. Going through the experiences I have had with trying to get a business going online, I told myself that I would not be one of those people that that just takes your hard-earned money and doesn’t give value for it. I want to help people to be successful sharing the tools that I am using for my success. Ever Forward.

  3. Cathy says:

    Hi Joe,

    I have been a member at Wealthy Affiliate for almost a year now and I can attest to what you are saying. I started as a complete zero – no knowledge about the web, non-motivated and no business goals.

    Looking back, I have come a long way in terms of my personal development and although I am no where near being rich, I know I am gaining good foundation here moving forward. And I am definitely staying until I reach my success.

    • Joe Maggio says:

      Thanks for the comment Cathy. I definitely know what you mean. After 11 years of trying and failing to succeed online, Wealthy Affiliate is the right place to be. With the massive community of support and the constantly updated training, I plan on staying with WA even after I am successful.

      Good Luck and God Bless.

      Joe Maggio Jr

  4. Jim says:

    Hi Joe,

    Nice looking site!
    WA has a good training program. I am a former WA member, studied all the training, but decided to go in another direction with a another company that offers an opportunity much different than WA. If your every interested creating another income stream send me an email down the road. Good luck!

  5. Neil says:

    Fantastic review on Wealthy Affiliate, Joe. All the benefits you have mentioned is EVERYTHING that people need if they want to build a successful online business.

    Prior to joining Wealthy Affiliate, I had NO success but now I’m a successful online business owner with thanks to the community filled with AWESOME tools, training and helpful people.


  6. Veronica says:


    That is great review. it makes me want to sign up again! LOL! Awesome wording and visuals! Great job!


  7. Stefan Vogt says:

    Hi, that sound’s really interesting. It is a bit expensive though, do I need a website host beside this learning program?

    • Joe Maggio says:

      Hello Stefan,
      The expense is minimal once you see all the training and help available inside the learning center. It also covers the hosting of up to 25 free sites and up to 25 sites you can create for your own domain names. It is free to join to see the full benefits before you Go Premium within the first 7 days. It is a tuition of sorts for the people serious about starting and maintaining a successful online marketing business. I hope this cleared things up a bit for you. Thanks for the comment.

      Ever Forward,

      Joe Maggio Jr

  8. Dev says:

    Hi Joe,

    Excellent review of Wealthy Affiliate. I can say as a 6 year premium member that you’re review is very on point and hits a lot of the most important features of Wealthy Affiliate that are important to consider prior to signing up. One of my favorite is definitely the free Starter membership. This was not available when I first joined but I love that Kyle & Carson have set this membership level up. Free Starter memberships are excellent for people not quite sure if they are ready to make the commitment to join Wealthy Affiliate yet to be able to see what it is like on the other side. Great review, thanks for sharing!

    • Joe Maggio says:

      Thank you Dev. I’m as honest as they come. Finding WA for my online education was the best thing that ever happened to me. Being inside the community of good people willing to help you every step of the way has been such a blessing. Nobody trying to scam you. It’s not allowed. I have been reaching for that Shiny Object for about 15 years now. Scam after scam has been my result. I finally see a future for my family. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review.

      Ever Forward,
      Joe Maggio Jr

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