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Hello all, my name is Joe Maggio Jr, and I would like to welcome you to my website.

It's Me

I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself and why I created this website. I am 61 years young and have been a “Wantrepreneur” for over 20 years now.

It’s been a long, frustrating and expensive journey getting to this point, (not to mention the struggles at the day job), and I have yet to make a penny on the internet.

Mostly from the distractions of procrastination, the endless amount of scams out there and the constant financial struggle’s that everybody goes through.


I can honestly say that I haven’t put in the necessary work that it takes to be successful in this business because of all the frustrations and disappointments that I have gone through. Now, I have a new found drive and direction to get A Better Way for me and my family once and for all.

So here I am again,

Determined to not only make my presence known out there in eCommerce land, but also to get the chance to help others achieve their goals and dreams of A Better Way for themselves and their families. I always told Donna, my lady, that if I ever won the lottery, that there would be a lot of very happy people. I still believe that.

Well, I finally get a chance to succeed with the help of an all-inclusive learning platform, a community to help keep me focused, and the direction I needed to help me along this journey, to finally find success in the online world of eCommerce. That program is called… 

Wealthy Affiliate

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I do make a good living as a Pre-Press Data Specialist at a major printing company. Music is my passion and my sanity break from the day to day struggle making it through my 8 to 5 day job.

I’m done…

Oh no, don’t get me wrong, I can’t quit, but I am nowhere near retirement and I am sick pulling hair out 1and tired of being sick and tired all the time. This new venture is my way to get a grip on my financial future and take some of the struggles out of this maze we call life. I will show you the most in-depth training platform for you to do the same.

I am now able to help other people, like myself, get out of the rat race, (they’re winning in case you haven’t noticed), and to be able to find financial freedom of their own.

Finally, to be able to get the things that they have only, (up to this point), been able to dream about. I can show you where to start to find your own piece of the pie. If you are really passionate about succeeding in the eCommerce world, then you owe it to yourself to check this out.

I’ve always been looking for someone or something to help me succeed, but I have run into nothing but scam after scam. I have given up too many times to count. This time I can honestly say that I have finally found the tools to get the job done, along with a massive community of like-minded people to help me along the way.

You can see my full review of  Wealthy Affiliate Here.

So, if you have a business online that’s just not getting enough traffic, or you need extra income and want to build a business for yourself from home, then come see for yourself what I have found.

Get Started HereChange Your Life Today

Thank you for reading my About Me page. Any questions or comments, Please leave them below.

You can see my personal  Wealthy Affiliate Profile Here

Hope to see you on the inside.

Just look me up and I will help get you started.

Good Luck and may God Bless.

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2 Responses to About Me

  1. Loes says:

    Hello Joe, it looks like you have finally found a treasure in Wealthy Affiliate, among all scammy sites.

    I know from experiënce it is hard to find a trustfull company, they promise you piles of money and within a week or so, you can be a miljonair.

    Well if that was so easy, everybody should be rich.

    I think you made a very good decision to chose for an thourough education, instead the quick getting poor scams.

    I wish you a lot of luck and prosperity, whilst learning the SKILLS to become successful,

    Greetings Loes

    • Thank you Loes. It’s been a long time coming but I know I am in the right place now. I now get the help and direction I need to not only help myself succeed, but help others along the way stay clear of those dishonest people out there getting rich off of people trying to find quality help. Thank you for the comment.

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